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Stains are a part of life,  high cleaning prices don’t have to be. At Boltons, we offer highly competitive prices.  Give us a call today to receive a free quote or schedule a cleaning appointment. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Commercial & Residential Services

Here are some Featured services from Bolton's

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

In this section you can learn more about Bolton's carpet & Rug cleaning services.

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grout cleaning

Tile & Grout cleaning

In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Tile & Grout cleaning services.

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carpet repairs

Carpet stretching & Repairs

Learn more about Bolton's Carpet repairs.

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marble polishing

Marble Polishing

In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Marble Polishing and scratch repair services.

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upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Has your furniture got a little dirty? We can clean it for you. learn more about Bolton's Uhostery cleaning services.

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grout cleaning

Pet odor Removal treatments

We love our pets but some times they have accidents that can leave a severe odor in our homes. We would love to take care of this problem for you. In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Pet odor removal services.

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grout cleaning

Grout color staining

Tired of the color of your grout? We can change it to the color you want. In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Grout color staining services.

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wood floor cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Wood Floor cleaning services.

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Travertine polishing

Travertine Polishing

In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Travertine polishing and filling.

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terrazzo cleaning

Terrazzo Restoration

In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Terrazzo services.

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pressure washing

Pressure Washing

We wash Homes, decks, patios, driveways and more. In this section you can learn more about Bolton's Pressure washing services.

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window washing

Water Damage Service

We specialize in water damage restoration should you experience any flooding or water damage. Drying in 1/2 the time at 1/2 the cost as compared to companies using the conventional drying process. The big value is as we dry structures faster, 72% of the time there is no other work to be done (painting, repairs, etc.) and the job is complete..

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About Bolton's

We would like to tell you more about Bolton's.

Bolton's Background & History

carpet cleaner

Some where out there there’s a floor in trouble! With a call we’ll be there in the nic of time to battle the evil forces of Dirt & Grime! No more freeloading filth! No more Sinister Stains! Bolton's is here to save the day! We have over 26 years of experience fighting the Evil forces of Dirt & Grime so it doesn’t stand a chance. Call today for a cleaner tomorrow. We want to be your Superheroes!

Call 817-881-0944 to book an appointmet with Bolton's Today.

Bolton's was founded in 2001. We started as an Emergency Restoration contractor that subbed for many companies. We have since expanded and set out on our own. Paul Bolton is the owner and has been specializing in the cleaning industry since 1989. We are a family owned and operated business. We are always trying to expand our services to meet your growing needs.
We are always learning and updating our techniques so that we can provide with the best results possible and provide you with the highest quality of service.
We are verteran owned and Family operated. We believe that that family is the most important thing in this world. This is why we want to Provide the highest quality services. Nothing is better than a childs smile and laughter in the air of a clean home.

Why Choose Bolton's

Chooseing the right floor cleaning service can be tricky so we would like to tell you why Bolton's is the right one.

Very Flexible

  • Able to complete a wide range of services
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • polite & Knoledgable staff
  • Willing to work weekends

At Bolton's we will try to steatch our limits like MR Fantastic to meet your needs

We are able to complete multipul services in a single bound to help you manage your cleaning needs more effeciently so you can get back to your day and your family.

Top Notch Customer Service

  • Polite & Knowledgable Staff
  • Customer Satisfation #1 Priority
  • Problem Solvers
  • Quick Responce times

Customer serice is our number one priority. We value are customers, they are very important to us.

If a customer is unhappy we're unhappy. We will do our very best to fix any problems and achive the happiness that our customers deserve.

Honest & Affordable

  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Affordable rates
  • Integrity
  • High Personal Standards

We pride ourselfs in being %100 honest with our customers. No bait and switch prices and no lies to increase sales

We also try to provide our services at affordable rates, granted we are in business to make money but we want to be as fair as possible at the same time.

Highly Experianced

  • Over 26 years experiance
  • Certified cleaners
  • Trained in repairs
  • Trained water Damage Techs
  • Always learning & Training

We have more than 26 years of experiance in the industry.

We can handle a wide variety of services and we are always learning more about our trade

Bolton's Work

We will keep you up to date with our work in this section.